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One Dei Dance RULES

I N    A    N U T S H E L L

  • Follow us on Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook

  • Send us a 1 minute video of you dancing to the song and your handles

  • We'll post it on our page

  • Get all your friends to vote

  • Video with the highest votes in each category wins

H O W     I T     W O R K S

  • Click here to download the DANCE TRACK from Marq Johnson's song, "One Dei"

  • Decide which category you are entering:

    • Solo - only you in the video dancing

    • Duo - you and 1 friend dancing at least 3 feet apart

    • Trio - you and 2 friends dancing at least 3 feet apart

  • Create a 1 minute video of your dance to the song by March 

  • Send the video to WhatsApp number 876.772.4505 along with your social media handles for Tik Tck, Instagram and Facebook

  • We'll post your video on our page and tag you

  • Get your friends to vote by liking your video

F E W    M O R E    T H I N G S

  • Use a decent camera (phone) to create your video

  • Ensure that your video and audio are very clear

  • Videos sent outside the submission or voting period won't be entered

  • Indecent dance moves, attire, language and/or behaviour will disqualify your video