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To inspire the next generation to become the best version of themselves.


To engage youths daily through positive music, message, mingles and merchandise.


“We are all created by God, like God, for God”


  • Love God, people and self;

  • Lead others by serving;

  • Live moments towards eternity.


Marq Johnson’s music is characterised predominantly by dense, rhythmic lyrics coloured by the Jamaican genres of reggae and dancehall, fused with others such as pop, trap, ballad and other contemporary sounds. His music is intended primarily for youth from a wide cross-section of cultures and ethnicity.


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  • NCU FM 14 'n' 14 Tour (2016)

  • NCU FM Acts of Kindness (2016)      

  • All The Way Album Tour (2016)

  • God Centred School Tour (2016, 2017, 2018)

  • R.O.A.R. Tour (2016, 2017)    

  • Mello FM Pre-Christmas Tour (2016, 2017, 2019) 

  • TBC FM Road Show (2017)           

  • Kevin Downswell Realignment Tour (2017, 2018)                   

  • Imago Dei Tour (2018) 

  • Peace for Champs Tour (2018, 2019)

  • Best Dressed Chicken 60 School Tour (2019)


  • Clarendon Seafood Festival, Jamaica (2016)

  • Praise in the Park, Trinidad (2016)

  • Fun Fest Family Festival, Jamaica (2017, 2018)

  • Genesis Praise Fest (2017, 2018, 2019)

  • Fun in the Son Festival, Jamaica (2018)

  • Denbigh Agricultural Show, Jamaica (2018)

  • Hague Agricultural Show, Jamaica (2019)

  • Celebration of Peace (2017, 2020)


  • Prayer & Praise Conference, USA (2016)

  • I Am Conference, Trinidad (2016)             

  • Jamaica Diaspora, Jamaica (2016,

  • Jamaica Christian Diaspora, Jamaica (2016, 2018)

Radio & TV Performances

  • Live Tuesdays, Kool FM, Kingston, Jamaica (2015, 2016)

  • Midday Meditation, Love 101 FM (Month of October 2016)                   

  • Smile Jamaica TVJ , Kingston, Jamaica (2016, 2017) 

  • CVM at Sunrise (2020)


  • 2018: Nominee for Breakout Sensation of the Year, Sterling Gospel Music Awards, Kingston, Jamaica

  • 2017: Voter’s choice winner, Island Fuse Entertainment (IFE) Top 10 Charts, London, England (First Gospel artiste to land on the IFE Top 10 Charts 

  • 2016: Best New Artiste (International) 2016, Love Gospel Station, New York, USA


2018: "Nah Sell Out", was featured in the movie, "Just Another Friday 2" (2018)


Artistes: Tyrone “Papa San” Thompson, Kevin Downswell, Bob Marley, Damion “Junior Gong” Marley;

Authors: John C Maxwell, Myles Munroe, John Bevere​​, Joshua Selman, Kenneth Hagin


Just 4 months after Marq and Nicole got married in 2006, they founded their non-profit company, Fruitful Trees (FT). Over the years, they have planned and executed fun days, sports days, conferences, concerts, mentoring programs, sponsorship for students and school tours. At the turn of 2018, FT launched its flagship movement called, “Imago Dei Life”, aimed at promoting a lifestyle of identity awareness and actualisation. This movement is most commonly known for its theme song, “Imago Dei”, its school tour, “Imago Dei Tour”, and its product line, “Imago Dei Apparel”.


Marq Johnson is a Jamaican recording artiste, producer, songwriter, pianist, speaker and talk show host, with an undying passion for using his music, message, merchandise and mingles to inspire particularly the next generation to relentlessly pursue the discovery of God, discovery of self and discovery of purpose. Since his introduction to the scene in 2015, he has done just under 500 bookings and dozens of virtual ones throughout the island of Jamaica, USA and Trinidad. Marq recently launched his own live online shows, “CrossTalk”, a talk show exploring controversial youth-related issues and, “dTune Live”, a short music show about his new and upcoming projects as well as throwbacks from his existing music projects. The launch of his special edition debut album, “L.i.f.e” and the relaunch of his apparel brand, “Imago Dei” are still in the pipelines for 2021/2022. Marq loves connecting with his supporters, fans and followers every chance he gets because he believes that relationship is indeed the most important thing in the human experience.