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Scoreboard 20240614.png

These are the points standing for the three (3) squads competing in our mentoring program weekly club meetings.

Our Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program currently helps Jamaican boys become the very best version of themselves. We engage them in self-development and fun activities that help to improve discipline, confidence and influence through leadership, teamwork and recreation. Attendance, attire, attitude and aptitude are among the ways our boys compete to earn points for their squads whilst being prepared to become men of high value. 

Our standard itinerary includes academic support classes Mondays to Wednesdays, club meeting on Fridays, field trips to historic and prominent sites and socials. Each squad comprises eight (8) members, each assigned a rank, role and responsibility, and is assigned a senior student as Squad Advisor. A typical meeting features and icebreaker, housekeeping matters, main activity (e.g. video presentation and Q&A, general quiz, game, sports, etc.) and light refreshment on the way out.

We are currently in the first phase of the pilot that was launched in October 2023 with 24 Grade 4 boys, ages 9 and 10 years old. When close in June 2024, we'll analyse the empirical data relating to academic performance, behaviour and overall attitude to determine our the quantitative and qualitative measure of impact. These findings will inform how we proceed with the academic year 2024/2025.

In these early stages of the program, we will focus on the upper school age group at the primary/elementary level i.e. Grades 4-6 and, as we grow and more resources become available, we will steadily add the lower school age group, Grades 1-3. The plan is to mentor these 24 Grade 4 boys through Grades 5 and 6 to help them in their academic and social preparation for high school. At the beginning of each year, we will add the new Grade 4 boys therefore, come September 2024 when our current Grade 4 boys advance to Grade 5, we will have the new set of Grade 4 boys, moving our total to 48 boys. In September 2025 when all 48 boys advance to Grades 5 and 6, we will add the new Grade 4 boys, moving the total to 72, marking the end of the second phase of the pilot. The third phase of the pilot may include the inclusion of lower school or expansion to Grades 4-6 at another school so we will continue to plan, execute, monitor and adjust as we grow.

We believe that words and music are very important and so we have our boys recite the club pledge and sing the club anthem at our weekly club meetings. Additionally, we want them know the Jamaica National Anthem and Pledge and so we have made them accessible for their convenience.

IDL Anthem


Imago Dei Imago De-e-ei Imago Dei

I am the image of God

Imago Dei Imago De-e-ei Imago Dei

I am the image of God

Verse 1

God made me with a purpose

And He designed me to achieve it

Greatness in my DNA Nobody can delete it

So anything I put my mind to

And every word when I speak it

God alone gets the glory 

And this is no secret

Verse 2

I am the head I’m not the tail now

I’m a winner I won’t fail now 

In everything I prevail now

In Jesus’ Name everyday now

Me? Have no reason to worry

God’s already given victory

Life and death is in my tongue

Everything works together for my good

I am the head I’m not the tail

I am a winner I won’t fail 

In everything I will prevail

In Jesus’ Name I’m strong I’ve already won

You are the head you’re not the tail

You’re a winner you will not fail

In everything you will prevail 

In Jesus’ Name you’re strong

You’ve already won

IDL Pledge

I am Imago Dei, image of God living intentionally for eternity. I pledge to do my best at all times because I am created by God, like God, for God. I will love without condition, rule with justice, lead with wisdom, pursue with courage and serve with honour. I am Imago Dei, image of God. 

Jamaican National Anthem

Verse 2

Teach us true respect for all,
Stir response to duty’s call, strengthen us the weak to cherish,
Give us vision lest we perish.
Knowledge send us Heavenly Father,
Grant true wisdom from above.
Justice, Truth be ours forever,
Jamaica, land we love.
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica land we love.

Verse 1

Eternal Father bless our land,
Guard us with Thy Mighty Hand,
Keep us free from evil powers,
Be our light through countless hours.
To our Leaders, Great Defender,
Grant true wisdom from above.
Justice, Truth be ours forever,
Jamaica, Land we love.
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica land we love.

Jamaican National Pledge


Before God and all mankind, I pledge the love and loyalty of my heart, the wisdom and courage of my mind, the strength and vigour of my body in the service of my fellow citizens; I promise to stand up for Justice, Brotherhood and Peace, to work diligently and creatively, to think generously and honestly, so that Jamaica may, under God, increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity, and play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race.

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