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We have stepped up our game to significantly increase the way we INSPIRE and IMPACT the next generation through a mentoring club for boys, a school intervention tour, social media and youth events.

We launched our pilot project, IDL Club for boys, on October 6, 2023! We have 24 boys enrolled ages 9 and 10, with whom we have been engaging weekly. The pilot is scheduled to run for a full academic year then we will start scaling. Arts, sports and literacy are the three main areas of interaction as we build self-esteem, foster discipline and increase personal productivity. Friendly rivalry in competition combined with teaching life skills, social graces and conflict resolution are among the things we will be doing. We are seeking to raise US$700 per month to cover the combined cost of retaining 2 literacy specialists to tutor our boys, learning material to enrich their development, snacks at club meetings, field trips for our boys, tokens of appreciation for subject matter presenters, transportation for volunteers, among other budget items.

Since December 2023, we have raised over US$3,000 and bought some equipment, hosted a 1 month pilot school tour, released a single and a music video. Now we are raising another US$5,000 to acquire the remaining items on our current list, produce more records and shoot the other videos scheduled for 2023/2024.

We are currently in discussions with our correspondent in an inner-city community regarding sports league and, by extension, other areas that we at IDL are interested in including to add greater value and impact for the empowerment of the young residents there. It is still early days yet so the budget is not yet drafted but we'll definitely keep you in the loop.

Feel free to support our upcoming school tours, among many other aspects of our operations.



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