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Just 4 months after Marq and Nicole Johnson got married in 2006, they founded their non-profit organisation called, Fruitful Trees. Over the years, they have pulled volunteers together to plan and execute fun days, sports days, conferences, concerts, mentoring programs, sponsorship for students and school tours. At the turn of 2018, Fruitful Trees joined the Johnson's flagship movement called, “Imago Dei Life”, IDL for short, aimed at promoting a lifestyle of identity awareness and self actualisation. This movement is most commonly known for its theme song, “Imago Dei”, its school tour, “Imago Dei Tour”, and its apparel line. Here are Fruitful Trees current programs. 


As Fruitful Trees continues to carry out its mandate to create a space for supporting the development of the next generation, the team continues to make efforts to connect youth needs with resources to make dreams come true. If you or anyone you know is a student at a prep/primary school, transitioning from prep/primary to a high school or is already at a high school and need tangible support to successfully complete academic pursuits, please click here.

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