Life Tour 2022

With all the violence and deaths occurring among the youths of Jamaica, recording artiste, Marq Johnson, is using his music to make a positive difference in the lives of the next generation. He is scheduled to release his debut album entitled, "Life", in a few months as part of his pursuit to impact the future of his island; "Life" is Marq's acronym for "Living Intentionally For Eternity". The Life Tour team will kick off "Life Tour 2022" very soon and so we are inviting talented creatives to join our multi-cultural tour team as we gear up to hit the streets of Jamaica. If you are involved full-time or part-time in photography, cinematography, marketing, public relations, events planning, music and/or dance and you would like to volunteer to help Marq reach young people, then join our tour team today. Kick that "Register" button below and let's make it happen.

Deadline July 14, 2022

Jump in today!